‘‘  Reading  maketh  a    full  man ’’  Francis  Bacon . Indeed   AES 

provides  a large library- cum – reading   room. A good number of   books   in

 different  categories  in  different  languages are  being  stacked in the library.

The  best  periodicals,  dailies, weeklies, fortnightlies, monthlies, magazines  etc

    are  provided in the library. A  reference  section  having  excellent  reference

books  are  set  a part  for  the  staff  and  students .The  library is made  up to  date

by  adding  new   editions.

              The Students  and Staff  are free  to enter  the   library to read periodicals and 

books under the supervision  of  librarian.

                An   expert, experienced   and   qualified   librarian   has  been  appointed

for  managing library.

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